The Trial Protocol Tool logo The Trial Protocol Tool is a tool that supports the production of a high quality research protocol.  It provides a checklist of issues that should be considered when writing a protocol, examples of how these issues have been addressed by other researchers, a library of full protocols and teaching materials. It also provides access to related websites.  

Documents and resources that are contained within the Trial Protocol Tool will have an Trial Protocol Tool resource icon icon next to it.  Resources that require an Internet connection are marked with an Web resource icon icon.

The Trial Protocol Tool has been developed by the EC-funded Pragmatic Trials in Health Care (Practihc) project ( The Trial Protocol Tool is available as either as Windows HTML Help system or a platform-independent version that will run with any modern browser.  Suggestions for improvements are welcome and should be addressed to Shaun Treweek at or Andy Oxman at

Commercial statement

Practihc is happy for the Trial Protocol Tool to be used at no charge in free educational programmes. However, when tuition is charged, or the Trial Protocol Tool is used by a for-profit organisation, our royalty fee is 10% of gross receipts.  If you are planning to use the Trial Protocol Tool within a for-profit organisation in any way, please contact us to discuss a donation to our work.

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